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  1. Excellent review. I would add that the pier one doesn't look good with dark overlays. If I'm going to that place I want to get the sunny, perfect day with beautiful colors vibes when I visit this website.

  2. when I open the site there is no need for for a work with us button, bc i want to learn about you and i won't work with you right away before even looking at your site

  3. this is extremely helpful as i can see how a professional designer analyzed the way he thought, which helps me thinking in the similar way when i start my design.

  4. Great video! In your opinion, what is the best side for the hamburger menu? I believe that on the right side makes it easy for those who are right-handed, but many sites use on the left …

  5. do you think keeping all letters small is a problem? I'm kind of not very into capital letters but I understand that it's English language. When it comes to sentences, I ofc use capital letters and punctuation but when it comes to heading and sub-heading, if I keep it consistent, do you think it's still a problem?

  6. It seems that many of the issues that Ran pointed out are because each web developer used an existing theme to create the site.

    Using an existing theme and trying to fit your vision inside of that theme might be too limiting.

  7. These are examples of what happens when a web designer has no skills in design/graphics. This is why there is millions of templates with poor UI and UX. Either of those can make a visitor not want to stick around. Also please discuss above the fold on some of these examples. On mobile in chrome you always want to hit f5 a few times, it is finicky. Best to view on a real mobile phone.

  8. Feedback is one critical aspect of what's missing for a lot of web tutorials. One of the most valuable ways to improve is getting critique from peers. My advice to any students, don't be afraid to put your stuff out there and change it. If you just keep doing tutorial after tutorial, you will never truly make those great leaps.

  9. Great vid. Need to do a lot more of these 👌

    – Can you please highlight the mouse pointer because sometimes it does get difficult to see (on mobile) what area you’re referring to

  10. In 17:45 u suggest hero section being 100vh. It's 2019, and we're used to scrolling, but still, revealing some of the content that's under hero and cutting it off can be, if designed well, a good approach that will trigger the user to scroll and explore more. Shouldn't be difficult to find some examples.

  11. If you want to check the mobile version using the inspect element way you often have to reload the page for it to take effect. It will probably look better after that

  12. Hi Ran, what is that slack channel that you talk about in the beginning of the video? its only for your students? and how can I submit my designs?

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