WordPress Website Design – How to Approach A Client Redesign Project

Join me as I complete a WordPress Website Design for an existing client.

As a professional website designer for over 15 years, I’ve been privileged to have worked with many clients, a lot of which I still work with regularly.

In this video, I’m going to take you along with me as I go over some of the key aspects I used when working on an eCommerce site redesign for one of my long term clients.

I’ll show you how I approach a website design, how I arrange for the client to supply all the required assets prior to undertaking the project, how to set up scalable cloud hosting with CloudWays and much more.

Throughout the website design process, I’ll be using tools like Elementor Pro and WooCommerce to visually design the new website. I’ll also use tools like Attention Insight to test various aspects of the design to see how well the various parts of the design will perform.

If you’re new to working with clients on Website Design projects using a tool like WordPress, then you’ll enjoy an insight and behind the scenes look at some of the stages I use to not only design a website but also work with clients, test the design and much more.

Cloudways –
Attention Insights –
Elementor Pro –

WooCommerce Product Addons:


0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:57 – Design Brief
0:01:56 – Scalable Cloud Hosting Setup
0:15:54 – Installing & Setting Up WooCommerce
0:35:34 – Installing the Hello Theme
0:38:35 – Graphics & COlour Schemes with Photoshop
0:47:58 – Elementor Global Styling
1:09:36 – Designing & Building the Homepage
1:22:48 – Custom WooCommerce Shop Pages
1:28:39 – Testing & Refining the Design with Better Insights
1:36:54 – Custom Product Attributes
1:40:14 – Summing Up The Project

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  1. This is more of a building a website from scratch tutorial rather than a redesign one. What would you recommend to redesign a website without hurting the live website of my client?

  2. Ooft! That was a long one. Great effort putting this all together. Appreciate your efforts with this. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi Paul. Thank you for the inspiring video. Will you make a video about the new Elementor Pro 3 and Hello Elementor theme? How they work together with the new global settings etc.

  4. You are using the new theme settings and global fonts in 3.0 and it works?!? I have a completely new clean WordPress install with only the two elementor plugins, and the fonts won’t show up in the front end?

  5. Nice Paul. Def give 'Attention Insight' a look at! I assume all plans are only limited to amount of designs analysed, and unrelated to url's?

  6. You talk about using Elementor Pro with a client. How to you bridge that as even if you use your it would expire eventually or do you have them purchase their own licence as part of the process?

  7. Am I missing something with this cloud host? The prices seem insane to me, the host I use is $8/month for 750gb with perfectly fine speeds, lol, their lowest package is like $1/month for 50gb..

  8. Really nice Paul! Thanks for the information!!! Would be great if you can create a video of Admin 2020 Plugin!

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