Your Layouts are BORING! Layout Design Tutorial

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– Let’s face it, we see a *lot* of the same work from many UI designers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because some patterns are tried and trued. But sometimes, you need a more unique approach — and that’s what I will be helping you all with today! I will design a few layouts from scratch and discuss my approach when coming up with more unique layouts.

Let’s get started!

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Who is Gary Simon? Well, I’m a full stack developer with 2+ decades experience and I teach people how to design and code. I’ve created around 100+ courses for big brands like LinkedIn,, Pluralsight and Envato Network.

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  1. You are clearly a good designer, and I agree that the layouts you've made are unique and refreshing and not impossible. However, as a designer who is also a developer – I can't lie, these designs would be a nightmare to actually implement. This is especially true in a commercial project with a client wanting a CMS like WordPress etc.

    When a designer sends this type of stuff over – 1 of 2 things always happen:

    1. I have to request versions for several breakpoints so that the designer and I understand how this design will evolve. (extra work for the designer, more time added to the project, plus the build usually sucks since it's not scalable and there are now 5 different layouts to make for every design)

    Or most likely:

    2. Extra versions are not in budget, so I have to assume how this changes for different sizes. It's usually impossible to preserve the layout for all widths, so without a planned direction the design becomes less effective. (upset designer, poor user experience, dev scope creep)

    There is a reason the web has repetitive design and user patterns. Again, it's not like these designs are that ridiculous because I have to build stuff like this from design agencies frequently, but they are by no means fun lmao.

  2. making the site responsive is going to be very hard for such designs, it looks pretty but on mobile? even we have different screen for desktop design as well.

  3. Amazing! I learnt so much from this session.
    I been doing few courses in Udemy uiux but this one makes so much more sense and I learnt so much more then in the paid courses.
    Thanks for this chanell definitely following you.

  4. Hi ! Just new subscriber here!
    I love how in some moments, it seems that you don't know what to do, and how you solve the situation. Because in my case, I look like the dog meme "don't know what I'm doing" xd
    Thanks for the master class

  5. Hmmm sorry not the correct design process, nor for web, nor traditionnal design work. So youtube its a fantastic source of knowledge but going to design school will give you better skills and practices. Keep this technik for to make namecard or random pitchdeck, but nobody needs youtube to see when elements needs to be aligned, use your eyes guys…

  6. I kinda get the point but obnoxiously big elements and neon colors are around for a while now. IDK if those layouts in video are any less boring than example at the start

  7. From a marketer perspective, no way i would apply these layout to my website. It's just too confusing and takes more brain power to navigate which is bad. Maybe just for personal designer collection then it's okay.

    The problem with some designer is, they demand so much of their own idealism into the real world scenario which is umnecessary for the customer. And in return much more cost spend with a little return on investment.

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